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Wind Power: Generating your own power from the wind. Is it really possible? Is it allowed? Is it easy to do? Do I need to be technically minded to create and build my own wind power generator? What is the difference between a Wind Power Generator and a Wind Turbine ? Is it expensive? Is it worth it? Are components easy to obtain? Do I need permission to erect a wind turbine? What wind power experiments and windmill/wind turbine plans can I find to help me?

By coming across this website, I dare say you are looking for answers to all of these questions, or at least one..... 

We aim to provide you with basic hobbyist information about wind power. We provide you with our own Windmill Plans of the power generator system that we built ourselves, so that you can re-create your own "Do-it-yourself Wind Power Experiments" in the comfort of your own garage/workshop. We also provide explanations about what Wind Turbines are, how to build your own small home wind turbines, and provide a list of all the basic components that you require, information about power generators and  which are the best wind power generators to use (in our personal opinion). How energy is created, and what you can do with your power once you have created it. We also provide links to Wind Turbines for sale, most of which components can be found quite cheaply across the globe, or in your own local scrapyard. And for information we have provided you with links to useful books about wind power, wind energy and more plans and experiments, and a bit of background information on how one of the largest tractor and engine manufacturers in the US, Deere & Co are also entering into the Wind Power arena.

I am sure you find what you are looking for
from within this Site.......



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