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How does Wind Energy work

We cannot show you how to build a basic, small home turbine without providing a bit of background information about how this machine actually converts the wind into electricity. Our description is not technical, but should help you to understand the basics. So here goes:-

  • The Tail Fin weights and directs the rotor to face into the wind
  • The wind turns the rotor blades
  • The rotor blades turn a shaft inside the generator/dynamo/alternator
  • The generator uses magnetic fields to convert the rotational energy into electrical energy
  • The generator sends the electrical energy created, as a current to the Charge Controller Unit
  • The Controller Unit converts the electricity coming out of the generator to the correct voltage for the distribution system in use
  • The battery bank (distribution system) is charged from the 12volts coming from the Transformer
  • The charged batteries send power to the Power Invertor, which converts the 12 volts into 240 volts (the standard electrical current within the UK)
  • From the Power Invertor you can plug in your 240v electrical sockets , from which you can plug in your electrical appliances/tools/TV/VCR etc etc...
  • Voila! (Free electric)

Disclaimer: 'Wind Power Experiments' cannot be held responsible for any damages, injuries, loss of limbs, fatalities, illness, loss of income or other monies etc. that may result from the use and or practice of any advice/plans/information in any way, found within and/or beyond this website. Do not attempt to build a power generator if you have no knowledge or experience of electricity. Electricity is very dangerous and can maim and kill if not used correctly and not respected as such a threat. Generators can put out high voltage which can create severe hazards and fatalities. DO NOT attempt to erect a wind turbine on a windy day, rotor blades will rotate and can break and/or amputate limbs and/or kill. Any information found within this website is produced by amateur, backyard hobbyists, who have experience of the experiments shown, and respect electricity and its power. We are not professionals and this website is aimed at sharing what we have learnt to date. We cannot be held responsible for any errors/mistakes, incorrect information which may be found within. If you have any problems and/or queries regarding the use/installation/maintenance etc. of your power supply or turbine/generator etc. you should seek advice from a professional or from the supplier of your equipment.


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